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Yes Logistics

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What makes Yes Logistics so different from every other freight provider out there?

That is a very valid question and to answer that we first need to ask whats wrong with whats currently out on the market?

Most companies currently operating in Sydney will charge you for the following:

Minimum Hire:Why are you paying for more time than it takes to do the job?

Return Charges:Isn't it the responsibility of the transport company to find more work for thier people and not pass that cost onto the client.

Fuel Levy:So many companies charge the client this and don't pass it on to the driver, so why are we paying this at all?

Yes Logistics believes a client should only pay what is fair and have done away with all the hidden added charges so we can focus on our core goal, giving our clients a great service at a reasonable price.

We will never charge you 2-4 hour Minimums, Return charges or Fuel Levies.

With us you know exactly what you are paying when you book the job.

In fact the only time you may even see an additional charge is for excessive wait time and even in that occurance you will be notified at the time of the delay.

If we don't contact you and you aren't notified the wait time is on us.

So make the switch today and deal with a freight company that treats there customers right.

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New South Wales
Phone number: 
0411 751 399
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Sydney, Australia