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Reurface It!

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We provide our customers with a complete start to finish resurfacing service, and offer comprehensive warranties which we, unlike some competitors, actually stand by.

With the use of top class materials and highly skilled tradesmen, we can transform dated or damaged bathrooms and kitchens and take them back to new!

Why spent thousands of dollars on demolition and replacement of kitchens and bathrooms when resurfacing may be your answer!

Some benefits of resurfacing include:

Minimal downtime - your bathroom or kitchen is ready for use again in just a few days, unlike with a traditional renovation you may not have a kitchen or bathroom for weeks!

$$$$ - resurfacing won’t put a huge dent in your renovating budget - have money left over for updating other rooms or decorating!

Green - help the environment by not contributing to our ever increasing land fill. By resurfacing, you actually recycle your old surfaces, rather than just demolishing and throwing out your old surfaces.

We also use coatings which have been specifically manufactured to do as little harm to the environment as possible.

We service all of the Greater Melbourne region.

Why choose Resurface it?

We have been in the refinishing industry for a number of years, and have personally completed work for the "selling Houses Australia" televised on the LifeStyle channel.

We keep up with industry trends and updates on methods and product to ensure we are able to provide the BEST possible results.

We have high expectations of our staff and also the results we achieve - if something isnt looking right, we do it again.

Call or email us for a FREE - NO OBLIGATION quote on how we can help you!

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10 Dorcas Street, South Melbourne