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In Depth Investigations

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In Depth Investigations is Perth’s most reputable, honest and effective name in private and civil investigations. Delivering results in a broad range of circumstances from tracking missing persons, to identifying financial and business fraud.

In Depth Investigations is a private detective agency operating out of Perth, Western Australia. Established in 1990, In Depth Investigations delivers comprehensive and relevant investigations on individuals and corporations. Whether you required help finding missing persons, or need financial tracking, In Depth Investigations can help. What makes In Depth Investigations such a respected name in the industry is their ability to uncover information in an ethical and honest way, using the most experienced and qualified private detectives.

By making use of our experienced team of ex-police officers, legal and financial specialist with experience here in Perth and around the world, In Depth Investigations are able to secure almost any form of information. We can promise to work professionally and prove our accountability and resourcefulness. In Depth Investigations undertake all forms of surveillance, uncover Internet fraud and scamming syndicates, track personal assets, investigate car crashes and similar scenarios, track and find missing persons, investigate cases of infidelity, tracking of financial assets corporate & business fraud and cover ups, staff training to identity fraud, workers compensation claim assessments, employee checks and many more private and civil matters.

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Western Australia
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08 9371 0755
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08 9371 0655
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PO Box 160